Sunday, March 27, 2011

What the hell, Cartoon Network?!

I dont usually like posting random stuff here, but I think this deserves some attention. So Cartoon Network has decided not to renew one of my favorite shows, Sym-Bionic Titan. Apparently an insider at CN said this:

"Genddy's moved on to Sony Pictures Animation. Titan got competitive ratings with other action shows, but what shut it down was it didn't have enough toys connected to it. If you don't have the, the studios don't want to renew for another season."

Fantastic. I read the list of new shows coming in here, some are decent, others are just so goddamn awful. From what I've read around online, they moved the show from its original Friday slot so Adult Swim could expand and show more Family Guy. Cause that's exactly what we need, more Family Guy. It's like the treatment that Firefly got from Fox, never gave them enough of a spotlight, and kept moving it around without warning. I feel the show would've probably done better in the Adult Swim block maybe? I mean, who said that cartoons for adults all have to be comedy (mostly terrible comedy nowadays)

Anyway, I dont know if these things work, they usually dont, but there's a facebook group trying to save the show and an online petition. Again, these things never work, but I guess it can't hurt to try?

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