Thursday, November 17, 2011

Animation pitch

Sample pitch of an animated project. Names of people and places are currently work in progress. (as in...they're awful at the moment)

Set in a fantasy-medieval setting of Mambi-Pambi Land, beasts and humans live together in peace. Sam and Johan are brother and sister, orphans, and live in the Marketplace City, where Sam gets by as a Hunter while taking care of Johan and his pet wolf...WOLF.

Johan gets captured by slave traders and Sam chases after them. The equivalent of a horse in this world is a cross between a rhino and a gorilla (There's also flying whales) During the chase loses track of the traders.

During the quest, Sam meets a prince. He's on a quest to slay the leader of the slave traders, who's a mortal enemy to his kingdom. He's a vain and almost stuck up character. His father sent him on this quest so he can prove to him that he's worthy of taking the crown after him. Because of their similar quests, they decide to join forces. This is where the adventure begins.

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