Monday, May 7, 2012

Wacom Inkling

So after months of it being sold out, the moment it became available, without reading other reviewer's experiences on it like a total rookie, I snatched the Inkling. So far, it has more cons than pros on my end.

I understand it's meant to be as just a tool to get ideas across, but sometimes it really misses the mark and the lines come off extremely off. This is my first attempt on paper.

I discovered that I was somehow blocking the sensor and it recorded this...thing.

 Okay, human error, when I draw I like to move my paper and I'm all over the place, so I decided to redraw it, and it came off as this.

Sorta similar? missed a few lines and it can't seem to read curved lines correctly, but whatever. it was a re-trace of a trace.

Attempt 3. Line work on paper.

 line work on Inkling.

What is going on with the leg?  Attempt 4 line work and Inkling.

Much better, though I'm still looking for a way to get better line control, but no dice. On the technical side, the program supposedly reads your Adobe programs, but wasn't reading Photoshop. Going through the support forum for the Inkling, I wasn't the only one having this issue, and this was the problem: I have the CS5 64 bit version. I didn't think I needed the 32 bit version, so I never installed it. Why have two versions right? No, it needs the 32 bit version to get it to work. So I had to install the 32 bit version, re-install the Inkling software so it would properly read it, back and forth, bla bla's almost too much of a hassle at this point.

 So basically, the recording of the lines compared to my actual line work on paper looks more like I was trying to jack off while drawing, with the same hand.

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