Monday, February 14, 2011

Deep in the Sea - process and mess ups

Here's the process for the "Deep in the Sea" drawing that I've yet to color (lazy) I goes through even the so called "Tentacle penis" stage that, everyone who saw it, would not shut up about it.

Original idea. Nothing much to say. I think it was more or less tiredness of seeing so many 'Little Mermaid' fan arts, specially all with the title "Under the Sea". Enough already people jeez!

Here's where things just go wrong. It was a good render, but it looks like she's riding that tentacle like a----um, yea...But the idea is solid now.

So a few doodles here and there, some advice from a few experienced artists, and there, a rock is born!! (to cover up the tentacle riding junk)

Ta-da. This needs to be colored ASAP!

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