Friday, February 11, 2011

Rant - DA shenanigans

This is quite a long rant, with no real point of end really. So read at your own peril.

I've been reading around and looking at the popular deviant members' journals and their newer stuff. Unlike them, I'm not gonna go into a pity party, frankly, I read so many just this morning that it disgusted me (Montyoum). The badly Hetalia fanart and pairings (I dont even know what Hetalia is about. I rather not know) That and the 'popular' front page people raping anatomy right in the butt (Genzoman).

Anyway, About a month and a half ago I was in a pretty shitty car accident, in which I fractured my back and ruined the beginning of the year for me. All the plans that I had, my job, mobility (for a bit) all gone. A week or so ago I was finally able to start drawing (body cast was in the way, it was very uncomfortable) and I've been sketching here and there, started a few animation tests. No biggie.

Then I started getting more active at, cause I was always a lurker, always afraid to try stuff out, compete in their challenges, afraid to get my ass handed to me. So I've been trying to work on a few of them, mainly trying to keep busy and not get down and acting like a wimp over how I missed out my semester, I cant go to work or go on with my social life (or a bar, goddamn I need a beer so badly) But things have been working out great though. I'm being challenged, I feel like I HAVE to keep up, and I need to work on my weaknesses (painting, me? horrible) I'm trying to work out on this animated short, and not leaving my life/Master studies aside, and just keeping busy.

My point with all of this is, I feel a lot of artists here could probably use a boost of, well, everything. If you know whatever crap you submit will go to the front page, yet your description talks about how shitty it is, and how you hate it, or how it took you 10 minutes to make it (even if it looks like you took a lot more than 10 mins) then why submit it? WHY ARE YOU HAPPY WITH SUBMITTING SHIT?! Unless, you are somehow lying and trying to make yourself look badass, which works in this community very well, apparently.

Bah, enough of this rant, ya jackwagons.

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